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Vinyl Replacement Windows Cost Less than You Might Expect

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Why do you wish to purchase new windows?

Is it time to replace your old windows with new state of the art vinyl windows? Have you put off giving your home that facelift because you think you can’t afford it? Request a price quote and you will soon learn that vinyl replacement windows are not only affordable but also come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. From the oldest homes to the newer constructions that just need an upgrade, you will find that vinyl windows can be ordered to fit your needs.

While browsing our site and waiting for your quote, be sure to check out some of the information provided in the links as it will help you decide whether you can install your new windows yourself or really need to hire a professional. You'll also learn about the differences in the designs so you will be better equipped to choose the window that is right for your house.

Vinyl Windows—a tribute to modern technology:

Polyvinyl Chloride – When we think of vinyl, we often thing of the recliner in our living room, and we might wonder how that material could make a window.  In Vinyl windows, the primary ingredient is polyvinyl chloride otherwise known as PVC. Because the substance is a poor conductor of both heat and cold, your heat stays inside in the winter, and the air-conditioning works more efficiently in the summer.

Vinyl Windows PhotoLong Lasting – No one really enjoys replacing windows—unless they are doing it for a living.  With vinyl windows, you'll only have to do it once. They do not corrode, and will not swell, chip, peel, rot, or rust. You can order them in the color to match your house, so you won’t have to worry about painting them. And unless they are in direct, intense sun, the color won’t fade over time.

Maintenance free – Vinyl windows are easily cleaned with soap and water. Most of today’s windows are made for easy cleaning from the inside. And if you purchase the windows that include sashes and welded frames, you won’t have to worry about air or water penetration.

Custom designs and sizes – Windows no longer have to be rectangular and flat. The modern designs can give a whole new look to your house, whether you want a contemporary effect or a classic ornate construction. You can purchase vinyl windows in numerous designs from massive curved, bay, or picture windows to small casement windows. Colors can also be customized with the windows prepainted in the color you desire. The windows are comparatively easy to install if you are moderately handy in carpentry, but you may want to at least consult with a professional for advice on the best style for your house and for tips on the best procedures. Most professionals will give you a free evaluation, but even if they charge a bit, the information will probably be worth paying for. 

Extreme conditions – Vinyl windows are the longest lasting windows you can buy, but they do have one disadvantage in extreme climates. They cannot be subjected to intense heat—so don’t set the barbecue grill right under the window, and in extreme weather conditions they can discolor. If you have a house in the south that is exposed to the hot southern sun for most of the day, you may want to plant a tree or perhaps install an awning to provide some shade. That would help protect not only the window but also the siding on that side of the house.

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