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Fiberglass: A Window Option Worth Looking Into

If you are in the market for replacement windows, don’t forget to check out the newest play on the block—fiberglass replacement windows. While vinyl windows have been the popularity leader for a number of years, fiberglass is quickly moving to the forefront of the window replacement industry. request prices now!
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That’s because fiberglass is even stronger than vinyl, is more durable in even the most extreme climate, and is capable of supporting large expanses of glass. Yet, it is only slightly more expensive than vinyl. Furthermore, while it is true that vinyl window frames can be ordered in a wide variety of colors, fiberglass windows can actually be painted on-site, giving you an even wider variety of color choices.

A Basic Overview
Fiberglass is a material that has been around for a long time and has been used to make boats, automobiles, insulation, and many other products. The use of fiberglass in window frames is relatively new, but bound to sweep the market as the material makes for an even more efficient window than vinyl or aluminum and is longer lasting than wood. That’s because fiberglass is so strong that the frames can be made hollow—creating a space that can then be filled with insulating material. Since fiberglass does not conduct heat or cold, the product is more energy efficient than wood, and will not warp, or deteriorate. If the color fades a little with time, the window can be painted just like wood, but it will not deteriorate structurally even if you don’t paint it.

The Material
Fiberglass itself is an interesting and uniquely environmentally friendly material. It is made by taking melted glass and spinning it into threads by putting it through a special sieve. The collection of fibers is then pulled (called pultruding) through a resin bath and finally  cured in a heated die. The high temperature permanently sets the fiberglass; because of the nature of the pultrusion method, no greenhouse gasses are given off, and the end product is considered superior in stability, thermal insulation and esthetics as well as environmental friendliness. In terms of strength, fiberglass windows are reputed to be 9 times stronger than vinyl and about 3 times stronger than aluminum, creating the longest lasting window treatment on the market. Since fiberglass is similar to glass in its expansion / contraction rate, there is less stress between the glass and the frame during extreme weather conditions. That means less air leakage and lower stress on the locking mechanisms. It also means that during humid conditions, the frame will not swell, unlike wood frames which can be difficult to open or close under similar conditions.

Ease of Installation
Like vinyl windows, fiberglass windows are easy to install. They will not warp or twist, but retain their square corners. They are also light-weight, making them ideal for the do-it yourself, weekend carpenter.

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