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Create a Facelift with Casement windows

If you are considering a facelift for your home, but want to do something relatively easy that will have a significant effect, try replacing those old style windows with vinyl casement window replacements Two of the best known manufacturers for replacement casement windows are Pella and Andersen, often misspelled “Anderson.” Your local building supply store will be able to assist you whether you need to replace old wooden framed windows or metal framed windows.
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Casement WindowWhether you actually want casement or awning replacement windows will depend on where you are putting them. Both types are mounted on hinges for opening. Casement windows open from left to right while awning windows open from top to bottom. Casement windows were once thought of primarily for upper stories or in basements although they have also been used in awkward places such as over a kitchen sink or in a bathroom. They are generally operated with a slide or crank for easy opening.

People install casement windows for the light they admit and for the view of the outside. The modern replacements are also energy efficient and easy to clean. You want to purchase casement windows with heavy duty frames; you may actually want to replace your old windows with wood framed windows, but consider at least using vinyl clad as the durability and ease of cleaning will be well worth the cost. The hardware, too, should be sturdy and easy to operate. The slide type should open smoothly while the crank type should have large enough gears so that a few turns open the window completely. Check the glass itself and make sure it has a low U factor as this will impede the transfer of heat through the glass.

If your casement windows are close to the ground, as in a basement, you will want to be especially sure that a tight seal is formed when the windows are closed so rain water and snow melt are prevented from leaking into the basement. Of course, a good seal is important in other parts of the building too since a window that doesn't close properly will result in a unwanted drafts that will affect your heating and cooling bills.

Casement windows no longer need to be small rectangular units that serve only utilitarian purposes. The modern styles include bay windows, picture windows and window sections that are tall, narrow, and elegant. In fact you may decide you would rather have casement windows than the common double hung windows in your living or dining room. They are also very attractive and convenient on a patio or closed in porch.

Most people install replacement windows themselves, but if you need to put your replacement windows on an upper story or if you are not terribly handy with construction projects, the convenience and peace of mind may be worth the expense of hiring a professional.  Additionally, if you hire a professional, you will have a guarantee of satisfaction. If you make a mistake installing the windows yourself, you are stuck with the expense of fixing it. If a professional makes a mistake, he is obligated to make it right at his expense.

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